The pay-for-play streaming music experience for licensed audio and video.

Coming soon to the US and UK.

foreplai app

foreplai iOS app player interface

foreplai transforms an unfair and unsustainable streaming music market into a perpetual joy machine that benefits everyone.*

* Except Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and others.

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Reward artists. Respect fans.

Discover, play, and share high-quality, licensed music from top labels. No ads or subscriptions. No games or gimmicks.

We take $10/£10 upfront, debit 4¢/4p per play, and pay 2¢/2p to rights holders.
foreplai bests current rev-share agreements by 4x–20x, without a monthly revenue cap.
Your plays and social interactions guide our personalised AI music recommendations.
foreplai brings your friends and favourite artists closer, creates serendipity, and expands your musical tastes.

intention > attention.

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foreplai artist catalog interface

We don’t have to guess which songs you love to hear. We know.
Every play (starting with the second) is a vote for that song.
We know which songs your friends, follows, and everyone else loves to hear.
All those votes give us rich information about songs, people, and context.
We connect you with your friends and favourite songs.
See instant playlists of the songs you both love and find other ones that fit perfectly.
We recommend other songs that fit your unique tastes.
No more guessing about what to play and when; we always have the right mix.

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